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With over 20 years of experience, our team of attorneys are ready to fight for you. Give us a call today!

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Philadelphia, PA Law Firm

Our firm has years of experience in Philadelphia, PA. We are a dynamic, growing firm that still believes that clients deserve personal attention, compassion, and high-quality services delivered in a timely manner. We provide prompt attention to each case using a client centered approach to make sure your questions are fully answered.

Philadelphia, PA DUI/DWI Law Firm

Our firm is well-versed in the laws governing criminal cases, corporate law, business law, commercial law, divorce and family law, and DUI/DWI drunk and drug-impaired driving in Pennsylvania. The consequences of receiving a ticket, going to jail, or entering into a legal battle do not have to be catastrophic. Our Philadelphia, PA attorneys know how to fight for our clients, defeat charges, and help you win your legal battles! Our team of attorneys are capable of mounting a thorough defense with the goal of minimizing the consequences or going on the offense to maximize your winnings. When it comes to arguing your case, we make certain that you have every possible advantage in your favor.

Despite the fact that every client's situation is unique, we are committed to providing you with straightforward advice and aggressive representation as you move forward. Our attorneys will assist you in defending yourself against less-than-solid charges. In cases where the stakes are particularly significant, you may be able to negotiate a reduced charge, prevent evidence from being used against you, negotiate a lighter sentence, or even walk away from your charges. When it comes to offensive legal suits, a knowledgeable, experienced, attorney will be able to help you navigate the legal waters to help you get the compensation you deserve.

When it comes to legal representation, the years of experience your attorney has is directly related to the effectiveness of the service provided. When you choose our law firm, you are hiring Philadelphia attorneys with years of experience and a proven track record of success in court. We're the committed advocates you can rely on when your money, driving privileges, and even your freedom are on the line.

Gardner law group is your law firm of choice for both prosecution and defense. Get in touch with one of our experienced attorneys today!

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Our Core Areas of Practice

icon of Personal Injury Law Philadelphia, PA

Personal Injury Law

We've assisted numerous injury victims in obtaining full and proper compensation for their losses. Our attorneys ensure our clients reach their goals: medical costs reimbursement and financial assistance for lifestyle changes stemming from catastrophic injuries.

Personal Injury
icon of Corporate & Business Law Philadelphia, PA

Corporate & Business Law

Our attorneys realize that business owners desire to engage with a firm that specializes in corporate and business law related problems. We take a hands-on approach to the practice of law, meeting with clients one-on-one and working hard to safeguard and build their futures. Contact our business law attorneys today!

Business Law
icon of Family Law Philadelphia, PA

Family Law

Through our exceptional customer service, we produce positive overall experiences for our clients, even throughout challenging and tiring family law matters. Our experienced family law attorneys are committed to respecting family law and producing outcomes for our clients. We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable, and committed to your cause.

Family Law
icon of commercial litigation Philadelphia, PA

Commercial Litigation

Finding legal advice with the resources and experience necessary to resolve a complex business dispute can be tough. When you need help resolving a commercial disagreement, you can trust our litigation experts. We defend businesses and entrepreneurs in lawsuits involving contract breaches, business torts, and other commercial transactions and relationships.

Commercial Law
icon of Criminal Law Philadelphia, PA

Criminal Law

Being convicted of a crime can have far-reaching implications in one's life. It's possible that you'll lose your right to vote and your liberty. We've spent countless hours fighting for the rights of the accused in Pennsylvania courts, giving us unrivaled experience in a wide range of criminal law categories.

Criminal Law
icon of law Philadelphia, PA


Let us assist you with preserving your rights during a divorce or to assist you in reconciling your accounts throughout a divorce. Our office is staffed by compassionate, truthful, and accepting attorneys who understand that divorce, even if it is a joint decision, is a difficult period in anyone's life.

Divorce Law
icon of Domestic Violence and Protection from Abuse law Philadelphia, PA

Domestic Violence and Protection from Abuse

We are advocates against domestic violence and are willing to counsel people on both sides of the abuse to ensure that their rights are protected in court. Our attorneys are committed to prosecute any offenders in order to ensure that our clients and other family members are safe and protected.

Protection Law
icon of Medical Malpractice Law Philadelphia, PA

Medical Malpractice Law

It is crucial to consult with one of our expert attorneys if you have been affected by medical malpractice. We have a track record of success in medical malpractice cases and the state bar has certified our lawyers as medical malpractice experts.

Medical Malpractice
icon of Slip and Fall Accidents Law Philadelphia, PA

Slip and Fall Accidents Law

Negotiating a slip and fall case can be challenging. We can handle every aspect of your case, from gathering property maintenance records to negotiating with insurance carriers. Retain one of our attorneys to help you if you want to maximize your payment while focusing on your rehabilitation.

Slip and Fall Accidents
icon of Car Accidents Law Philadelphia, PA

Car Accidents Law

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in a car accident, we provide advice on what to do next. You can count on us to fight for your best interests no matter what type of auto accident your case entails.

Car Accidents